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Curt Rich's Book,
"Drive to Survive."

From: Curt Rich <>
Subject: Cooper's newsletter

Jeff mentioned my book, "Drive to Survive" in the "Commentaries" but said it could be purchased from me. It can't, and readers are trying to order it from me. I would like to get the word out on how to order it.

The publisher is Motorbooks International. The book will be published under their Classic Motorbooks label. It will, if things go to plan, come out November 15th (1998). Their order number is 800-826-6600. It will also be available at bookstores after that date. is taking orders now and will ship when they get it. On the other hand, I make more money if you get it from Classic Motorbooks.

If you could get this information out on the website, I would very much appreciate it. I will continue to answer letters from readers of the website trying to buy the book, of course.

Curt Rich
Gunsite 83, 85, 87