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Comments from the countess:

REUNION UPDATE: In the "Carry On!" tradition of the Cooper legacy, the GR&TRM (now named Jeff Cooper's Theodore Roosevelt Memorial) will take place this year on schedule, 28-30 September. We have asked Col. Clint Ancker (Shakespeare thespian) to organize and preside over our 15th annual reunion, which he has agreed to do. Whether you have been to all, or a few, or none at all, you are welcome to participate if you know Gunsite safety rules. What is involved is:

  1. no fee for attending,
  2. scenarios for all kinds of non-competitive shooting (Jeff wanted discharging firearms for fun and sport, not for prizes),
  3. a range fee imposed by Whittington Center on each shooter, and a modest cost for accommodations in one of the Competitors Housing buildings (make your reservations with Whittington).

But the emphasis is on the Friday and Saturday night gatherings when recitations are encouraged, whether it's an original work or one of Kipling, Robert Service or Theodore Roosevelt (to name a few of the more quoted writers). These evenings of amateur performing of inspirational words (and songs) have recharged many a patriotic battery where our finer instincts are stored. So make your way to beautiful Whittington Center with proper preparation for your accommodations, for trying your hand at contributing to the evenings' entertainment, and taking advantage of the excellent shooting opportunities on Whittington's extensive ranges. This reuniting of like-minded enthusiasts was one of Jeff's many good ideas.

The forthcoming COOPER MEMORIAL MATCH had to be POSTPONED from 1-2 September of this year to another date next year (due to health issues involving two key administrators). The new date (hint: it may be on 10 May, Jeff's birthday) will be announced soon, according to Jack Furr, the creator and organizer of the event. Now there is more time to put out the word about this big shootin' competition with emphasis on the practical (rooney guns need not apply) which will bring pleasure and gratification to the shooters and fun for the spectators. Jack invites input of all sorts from anyone interested in entering the match, or wanting to help by being a sponsor, or providing information on prospective sponsors. Remember, any profit will be donated to Jeff's favorite charity (NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund), and, of course, the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation. Jack can be reached at (928) 636-4664, or his e-mail address, Contact Jack if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. He'd like to hear from you.

In case you hadn't heard, the Cooper family has formed the JEFF COOPER LEGACY FOUNDATION. Tax exempt status has been granted by the IRS and donations are tax deductible. Our purpose is to perpetuate Jeff's teachings through preserving and displaying his writings and his personal collections of honoraria and memorabilia, including his books and weapons. Profound and serious thanks to those who have already donated to the Foundation! For more information, please contact Lindy Wisdom at (480) 831-0017, or e-mail

ED BROWN PRODUCTS, INC., has produced and donated the first commemorative pistol, the JEFF COOPER 1911, to the Legacy Foundation! I am looking at it now, and elegant is the word for it! With an estimated launch date of 25 September 2007, this imposing weapon has been designed as Jeff would have dictated, with an alluring simplicity embellished with tasteful touches of personalization, such as Jeff's signature on the slide, DVC in gold on the slide, and stocks of exhibition grade wood with the JC logo. The trigger is perfection. Here is a handsome artifact and a highly useful tool. Put it on display or carry it in your holster. This limited edition will be available until one year from its appearance. If you see one you will have to have one, so save your pennies. (PENNIES!!??? Oops! It has to be dollars now at least, or maybe $10 bills!) A special leather-bound copy of Jeff's classic book "Principles of Personal Defense" will be included with the gun. A significant portion of the proceeds from the Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911 will be donated to the Legacy Foundation. Go to, or call Ed Brown Products at (573) 565-3261. Ed and his son Travis have produced what one would expect from such a high-quality company. It has lived up to its reputation, and the Cooper family is pleased to be associated with Ed Brown Products.

The MEMORIAL CELEBRATION on 10 May was all it promised to be-and more! There is no official head count, but we brought 250 printed programs and we ran out. The United States Marine Corps provided appropriate music (U.S. Marine Forces Reserve Band) and the colors were smartly and proudly presented by the 4th Reconnaissance Battalion Color Guard. Our spiritual guide, Tom Russell, presided over the program, beginning with an invocation and the pledge of allegiance, then speakers were introduced and videos shown. Input from individuals in the audience was welcomed. Granddaughter Amy sang "God Bless America." After the benediction, the band played on and people mingled and chatted. Ronin Colman organized a catered dinner, and those so inclined socialized (partied) on into the evening. The NRA was represented by its first vice president, Ron Schmeits, who spoke, and its general operations director and former president, Kayne Robinson, as well as Whittington Center's director, Mike Ballew. I would venture to opine that the participants and spectators at this Celebration represented the finest of patriotic Americans, devoted to the cause of freedom (the Second Amendment most specifically) and appreciative of the contributions of Jeff Cooper to that cause. (Jeff would have approved!)

Janelle Cooper
20 July 2007