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Comments from the countess (and daughter Lindy):

The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation (501(c)3) is up and moving. We had our first Annual Meeting of the Board in late November, 2007, where it was decided to initiate our scholarship program immediately and to begin locally.

We discussed it with Buz Mills, owner of Gunsite Academy, who contacted Sheriff Steve Waugh of Yavapai County. Sheriff Waugh recommended his newly-chosen Deputy of the Year, Douglas Owens. Deputy Owens is a young man at the start of his law enforcement career who is an enthusiastic shooter. He received a certificate which entitles him to full tuition for a 250 Defensive Pistol Class at Gunsite. The award ceremony was covered by the local newspaper and the report ended up on the first page of last Sunday's edition - complete with photograph of Christy, Lindy and me with Sheriff Waugh and Deputy Owens and Jane Anne Shimizu, Director of Marketing for Gunsite Academy. The launching of our scholarship program was most gratifying and we will enlarge and enhance this project as funds permit.

Donations to our Foundation are completely tax deductible, warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. A website and vehicle for making a donation on-line are forthcoming. For now, donations can be made by sending a check or money order to:

The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation
16 East Dawn Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284

For more information, email: or call 480-831-0017.

SHOT SHOW 2008 (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade)

Lindy and I drove to Las Vegas on Friday, February 1, and spent the next three days visiting with friends old and new, selling Jeff's books and spreading the word about our Foundation. There are lots of irons in the fire and many exciting possibilities.

First of all, Intermedia (formerly Primedia, formerly EMAP, formerly and originally Petersen Publications) declined to share their booth space with us. Due to Jane Anne Shimizu's quick intervention, Shirley Steffen of Harris Publications welcomed us with open arms and we settled happily into their booth.

This same Jane Anne had an inspired idea which she discussed with Shirley Steffen (Harris Publications) and which is on its way to being implemented: a column based on reprints of Jeff's earliest columns as contained in the two volumes of "The Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip." As I'm sure you all know and appreciate, Jeff's ability to analyze current events within a broad historical context makes them timeless. It would be a shame not to share them with new generations of shooting enthusiasts. The media vehicle would be "Combat Handguns." We trust this will actually come to fruition.

We met with Dan Gagliasso, producer of the documentary "Jeff Cooper - A Man in Full." This DVD should be available for purchase later this year. We will let you know when and where.

Sales of the Ed Brown Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911 are going very well and we were able to visit with Ed and son Travis and thank them again for their exceptional work. They could not be better people with whom to do business. Remember that this pistol will only be available through September of this year ( or 573-565-3261).

Eric Kincel, General Manager of Vltor Weapon Systems, announced the launch of the Fortis Pistol Project, a modern version of the famous Bren Ten. We gave him a copy of Ronald Carillo's "Bren Ten, the Heir Apparent" which details the history of the Bren Ten in book form. Eric told us that he has plans to produce a Jeff Cooper Signature Series later on, which would donate some of the proceeds to our Foundation. We wish him well. Contacts are as follows: "Bren Ten, the Heir Apparent" is published by Circle Ten Publishing, LLC, P.O. Box 277, Grand Junction, CO 81502. Info on the Fortis Pistol Project can be obtained from or 866-468-5867.

George Ganem of Phoenix was showing some of his unique jewelry creations, including some stunning belt buckles. He approached us with an idea for a limited run (86 - one for each year of Jeff's life) of a "cocked and locked" buckle design, with some of the proceeds to be donated to our Foundation. We look forward with pleasure to seeing the finished product. (Contact George or Tony at Night Rider Jewelry,

Jeremy Clough, a writer for Roy Huntington's FMG Publications, recently spent a couple of days with Joy and Jack Weaver (of Weaver Stance fame). His article will be forthcoming and we will enjoy catching up with our old friends. It may appear in "American Handgunner," but at this time we are not certain. Watch for it.

The NRA's "industry initiative" was evident at the SHOT Show and most welcome it was! Manufacturers and retailers are encouraged to promote NRA membership to all their customers. The NRA is manning the battlements 24/7, and if you are not a member, join now and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Put past disappointments in this organization, whatever they may be, behind you! The National Rifle Association is on the front line-support it!

We had some interesting conversations with foreign visitors from all over the world, including Greece and Israel. Gun rights are virtually non-existent in Greece. In Israel, while one can carry a gun, one must carry a gun since the Palestinians want all Israelis dead. The scene is grim and the United States is the last, best hope. Remember that always - especially in the voting booth!

The size and scope of SHOT '08 was truly impressive and positively encouraging concerning the state of the industry. With another crucial election looming, it was a comfort to see a huge show and a record turnout.

A Political Observation: Governor Romney sounded more like a statesman than a politician when he said, "Because I love America I must stand aside..." How inspiring! How refreshing!

RAY CHAPMAN was 79 on 4 September 2007. He passed away from pneumonia on 2 February 2008. Best known as a world champion in IPSC pistol and the founder of the Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting, Ray was an innovator of shooting technique refinements and an effective teacher. He was a long-time friend and hunting buddy of Jeff's. Rest in peace, dear Ray.

Janelle Cooper
8 February 2008