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REUNION COMING UP: In the "Carry On!" spirit of our guru's legacy, the Jeff Cooper's Theodore Roosevelt Memorial will be celebrated this year on 26 & 27 September. NRA Whittington Center near Raton, New Mexico, is the place. Thanks to our coordinator (and organizer and director) Colonel Clint Ancker (of Armored Cavalry Regiment fame), the planning is progressing well. In his own words: "We expect to have another great time, with interesting shooting, great comradeship, and some interesting recitations. Last year's recitations were some of the best ever and we encourage everyone attending to present something. You don't have to memorize it, reading it is fine, although we do give extra credit for recitations from memory. But the important thing is to share something with the group that is inspiring, funny, or informative, but furthers the values and philosophy of both Jeff and Theodore. Bring plenty of rifle and pistol ammunition, and be prepared for more challenging courses of fire. We'll do some different ones than last year, but can also make up courses on the fly if anyone has any specific requests. We'll kick off at 0900 on Friday at Jeff and Janelle's Cabin (Cooper Rifle Walk). Look forward to seeing returning family members, and encourage you to bring new members to share in the experience."

Clint also reminds us that Competitor Housing Bldg. #1 is reserved for our group, but when you call in for your reservation be sure and mention that it's for the Jeff Cooper Reunion. The standard Whittington fee for those who shoot is $10/day, and like last year Clint will collect this range fee during the Reunion and take care of paying Whittington, so you don't have to pay on arrival or departure. John Gannaway will be bringing exotic weapons from his impressive collection, and we'll get to shoot them!

THE JEFF COOPER MEMORIAL COMBAT MATCH is still in the organizing stage and becomes more promising with time. It hasn't been easy to find a proper venue for a real challenging "combat" competition, but Jack Furr has found a benefactor who happens to have 1,000 acres in Northern Arizona (bordering on I-40 near the Yavapai/Mojave County lines). The ranges and facilities are being developed and the dates of the event will be close to 10 May (Jeff's birthday) 2009. There will be more information on the details of this exciting, unique happening as the date approaches.

Meanwhile, our heartfelt thanks go out to those who have already shown their interest and support (like Rich Lucibella of SWAT magazine), but Jack needs help from fellow shooters - those who want to participate in the match, who want to assist in its conduct, who have ideas to suggest, and who want to sponsor or know of prospective sponsors. Jack is highly qualified to be the administrator of this event, but he does need moral and financial support and manpower! His telephone is 928-636-4664 and his website is Remember, any profit will be donated to the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation. This match is for fun, excitement, recognition of shooting skills, gathering of congenial enthusiasts, and for a charitable cause. Great combination!

FOUNDATION UPDATE: The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation now has a website! ( Lindy had essential input from Jared Larsen (Larry's son) and Mike Fredette and we are very thankful for their expertise and willingness to come to our aid.

The first scholarship recipient, Douglas Owens, Deputy Sheriff of Yavapai County, completed his 250 Defensive Pistol Class in May at Gunsite, and Christy, Lindy and I attended his graduation. Most gratifying! Now we have an honorable young man who can defend not only his own life but those of the people he, as an officer of the law, has sworn to protect! Without the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation he would not have received this special training. (We hope our next scholarship recipient will be a member of the armed forces. We'll keep you informed.)

How difficult it is to express adequately our deep appreciation to those who have given money to help the Foundation achieve its goals! No gift is too large or too small, and none of it goes to cover the cost of administration or office expenses or the like. And it's tax deductible! Call me (928-636-1168) or Lindy (480-831-0017) if you have any questions or comments. And visit our website!

RECOMMENDED READING AND WATCHING AND COLLECTING: Have you noted the appearance of a regular column on the back page of Combat Handguns magazine titled "A Jeff Cooper Retrospective"? Jeff's words, written in the 80ies and 90ies and excerpted from the "Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip" volumes, are chosen for their pertinence to today's social and political challenges. Ginny Commander, Executive Publisher for Harris Publications (the publisher of Combat Handguns) is an early graduate of The American Pistol Institute and a long-time friend of ours. Shirley Steffen is Group Publisher for Stanley Harris, a Gunsite Academy grad and good friend of all here at Gunsite Ranch. It seems most fitting that such amicable and congenial professionals be important helpmates in promoting and perpetuating Jeff Cooper's legacy. Our thanks to Gunsite Academy for making it possible!

Ryan Productions filmed a series of video tapes back in 1986 when the American Pistol Institute of Gunsite was gaining fame. Defensive pistol handling, pistol readiness and marksmanship, and mental conditioning (with Jeff Cooper as your trainer) are the core subjects. Paladin Press last year bought the rights to this classic series and put the four volumes on one DVD - and it is now available! Shane Gosa, one of Jeff's devotees and a solid friend, tested the DVD as soon as it appeared and had this to say: "The Colonel is, as usual, outstanding throughout the series. It is as though I was being trained one-on-one by him all over again." "The Colonel articulates his Modern Technique like only he can." Order online: or phone 1-800-392-2400.

The deadline for ordering a JEFF COOPER 1911 COMMEMORATIVE PISTOL LOOMS - 25 September 2008. I've been informed that Cabela's has placed an order for these special weapons! Remember, a significant portion of the proceeds from the sales goes to the Legacy Foundation and a leather-bound copy of Jeff's timeless "Principles of Personal Defense" is included in the purchase. If you're thinking about owning this handsome artifact and highly useful tool, don't delay. Go to or call Ed Brown Products at 573-565-3161.

"What light is to the eye;
what air is to the lungs;
what love is to the heart;
liberty is to the soul of man."

R.C. Ingersoll

DALTON CARR (12 June 1935 - 13 May 2008): Though noted for many roles he played - preacher, police officer, college-level instructor in police science, master handgunner, and author - Dalton was primarily a dedicated hunter. His specialty was BAD bears. He was predator controller for the Yakima Indian Reservation (Washington State) and a marshal of Red River in Colorado when he was called upon numerous times to rescue people (and livestock) from dangerous and destructive bears. He always used a rifle, not dogs or traps. Fortunately his varied experiences are described entertainingly in his book "Tales of a Bear Hunter" (2001). (We were privileged to hear some stories first-hand at a Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Reunion!) Dalton was almost 73 when he lost his long battle with Parkinson's Disease. We know he is in a Happy Hunting Ground.

Janelle Cooper
22 June 2008