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When a friend recently asked me about NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS I was caught unprepared. So I pondered. Ordinarily Jeff and I would think special resolves to be unnecessary and we would carry on as usual. But this is no ordinary time! Dire predictions are emitted by so-called pundits as a result of the November elections. They are worrisome. "You and I are in for the fight of our lives!" (Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D., author of the best-seller book "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality"); "Americans anxiously await the full impact of a second Great Depression" (Chuck Norris, Karate champ, film star, and author of "Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America"); "The new era will see a more sober and much diminished America" (Pat Buchanan); "America has elected the most liberal President in our history. Congress is firmly in control of the left. The bureaucracy ... will grow larger and even more oppressive." (Pacific Legal Foundation); "America is in peril" (The Heritage Foundation); "The death of the Republic, the beginning of tyranny ..." (Alan Keyes); "... evil never sleeps. Failing to learn from history's painful lessons will guarantee a repeat of history's most tragic mistakes ..." (Ted Nugent).

Fortunately all of these alarmists are activists! They are doing something about their fears, trying to awaken the American citizenry from apathy and/or lethargy by writing books, founding political action committees or representing well-established foundations, and speaking out on media outlets-radio, TV and the Internet. Many have constructive suggestions for us who are asking for guidance. We suspect that the very foundations of our great country are under attack. Our republic, with the highest standard of living any nation has ever achieved, is in jeopardy and we don't wish to stand by helplessly. Peter Berkowitz, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, wrote an enlightening article which appeared in the January 2 edition of the Wall Street Journal. It spells out an agenda under which we could all rally. The author addresses many troubling and confusing subjects and his interpretations and recommendations are brilliant. Read the article! (If you need a copy just let me know.) The title is "Conservatives Can Unite Around the Constitution." Some years ago Jeff wrote, "This country is not a President ... nor a political party, nor a piece of ground ... but rather, this country is an Idea ... and that Idea is embodied by the Constitution." As liberal solutions come to light as ineffective and unrealistic, our Constitution should be our guide. I admire any congressman who carries a copy of the Constitution in his pocket-and there are a few. Mr Berkowitz so wisely states in his priceless article, " ... conservatives of all stripes would be well advised to concentrate attention on the constitutional order and the principles that undergird it, because maintaining them should be their paramount political priority."

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS: I will be more active politically. I will let my elected officials know my thoughts. I will do my homework by reading and listening. I will not hold myself aloof from the brawl. I will donate to outstanding private organizations like The Heritage Foundation and lobby groups on the front lines which work tirelessly to counter the damage done by greed and ignorance on the part of Washington and (never thought I'd see the day) Wall Street. Rush Limbaugh says that we must assert ourselves into the popular culture. I will treasure and utilize my rights, still intact to this point, so that our Constitution can remain alive and functioning to everyone's benefit.

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: "(The) Heritage (Foundation) is making sure our Congress and our new president understand that just because they won the election doesn't mean that conservatives have disappeared. We achieved conservative goals during the Carter and Clinton administrations, and we intend to do so this time, too." "There is one battleground where you and I can take on the left and win major victories for freedom and liberty that will endure for generations. That battleground is in the courts! ... right now on the Supreme Court a slim majority exists that is sympathetic to protecting our rights. This gives us a window of opportunity to set long-lasting legal precedents." (Robin L. Rivett, President, Pacific Legal Foundation.) And here is Ted Nugent's advice for young people from his book, "Ted, White and Blue." "Life is going to knock you down over and over again. The only person who is ever defeated is the person who gets floored with one of life's massive sucker punches and does not get back up. Be tough and tenacious. It feels good." And more from Nugent on health care: "Americans have become so dependent on Fedzilla (his takeoff on Godzilla, meaning, of course, the federal government) to provide all kinds of assistance that we have forgotten that the volunteer spirit at the community level helped shape and build this country." Nugent on big government: "Should we make the mistake of putting the Democratic Party back in power in the fall of 2008, they will tax us more but give us much less... . Big government fails at everything and it will continue to fail. It is designed to be unaccountable. It is the model of inefficiency. It is more about control, not more about freedom. Less government is real progressive reform." Read "Ted, White and Blue"-it's a hoot, and it will light a few fires, I guarantee.

GLOBAL WARMING: Do you understand the technical issues in the "Human-caused Global Warming" dispute? There's a book out which you should read to educate yourself, and I recommend it because it is written by a highly qualified scientist (botany and chemistry) in layman's terms and it is illuminating. The author, Donald Van Dusen, explains why "manmade" global warming is a giant hoax. There is a nifty chart and a useful glossary. Much knowledge and time and thought have gone into the text which is repetitious at times but for a purpose-to prove important points. This is a much-needed book, particularly since president-elect Obama seems to stand ready to support climate change regulations which could negatively impact all our lives-and needlessly so. Mr. Van Dusen has kindly offered his book, "CARBON is the Solution Not the Problem" FREE to readers of this letter if your request comes with a S.A.S.E. 8x11 or larger with $2.50 (6-42¢) in stamps. The book retails for $49.95, but Mr. Van Dusen is a true patriot and believes in the importance of getting out the truth. So contact Donald Van Dusen, P.O. Box 1281, Boca Raton, FL 33429. Take advantage of this offer, for it's a good idea!

THE NRA ANNUAL MEETING is coming up in May and it promises to be a sensational occasion! It appears the National Rifle Association is preparing to make a Big Statement and you won't want to miss being a part of the festivities. Rush Limbaugh is the banquet speaker, and Gov. Sarah Palin, Ollie North, Chuck Norris, Glenn Beck, and Laura Ingraham are some of the invited speakers at the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum on Friday night! The city is Phoenix and the dates are 15-17 May 2009. I know all you readers are good NRA members so when you get the details in the mail later on, be sure and sign up early. I have a feeling this fabulous event will be very popular as a rallying point for supporters of our embattled Second Amendment. SEE YOU THERE!

With prayerful wishes for a good New Year,

Janelle Cooper
16 January 2009