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To all British Citizens

Please read the statement below ("Right to Keep and Bear Arms"). It comes from a translation of "Statutes in Force" Official Revised Edition "Bill of Rights" (1Will. and Mar. Sess.2c.2) revised 1st February 1978 BY AUTHORITY London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office ABCD29:6:18 priced 40p nett

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Print out, copy to all your members and send it to your MP with a covering letter saying that you wish to invoke your RIGHTS under the Bill of Rights (1 Will. and Mar. Sess.2c.2) as revised 1st Feb 1978 by Authority. Ask for his prompt reply as your Solicitor is preparing the appropriate papers……….. Lets see how his marginals feel after getting that letter.

This form was copied from the one I've just received from the SAGB.

This is not a "fall-back position". The best form of defence is attack, so give it to them.

Keep the faith :-)

Martyn Archer <marcher@btinternet.com>

Posted: 1997