An American Dream: the Death of a SuperPower

by Anon

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Samuel Adams

Week 1, Monday:

2 AM EST NY: An unknown group knocks out 20 key electrical substations shutting down electrical service in virtually the entire metro-NYC area. Power is not fully restored for 72 hours. No suspects are identified. The motive of the perpetrators is not determined.

4 AM EST Washington: A small bomb is detonated in an empty government office building in Washington DC. The blast is quickly followed by 10 bomb threats called into the police and various elements of the local and national news media. Another small bomb goes off in the parking lot of the Senate Office building at 6 AM destroying 4 limos. All non-essential government offices are closed until each building (monument, park, etc.) can be searched. No one is apprehended for the bombing(s).

9 AM EST Massachusetts: A hacker somewhere in the world shuts down all traffic signals and the subway system paralyzing movement in and out of metro-Boston. Working frantically, officials manage to restore the traffic signals and subway system to full operability in 24 hours. The intruder is not traced.

Week 1, Tuesday:

3 AM CST Illinois: A bomb goes off in a hanger Chicago's at O'Hare International Airport (the air hub of the nation) and another bomb is detonated inside a restroom at the international terminal. 14 people are injured by the bombs. Before the dust can settle a caller informs a local radio station that 5 other bombs have been planted within the sprawling O'Hare complex. All domestic and international air traffic to and from O'Hare is cancelled for 24 hours while the entire facility is searched. The re-scheduling of international flights causes chaos in airports around the world.

Later, a group calling itself the "Spear of Allah" claims responsibility for the bombing(s) and vows to bring the great satan America to its knees. Shortly after the Spear of Allah announces its American jihad a group calling itself the "Loyal Sons of America" claim responsibility for the O'Hare bombs. Within a matter of minutes yet another group, "The New Patriots," claims responsibility. Federal agents reluctantly admit that none of these groups are known to the authorities. No suspects are identified, no arrests are made.

Commencing 5 AM EST across the nation: Bombs go off in regional IRS Offices in Macon (Georgia), Bangor (Maine), Birmingham (Alabama), Toledo (Ohio), Davenport (Iowa), Santa Fe (New Mexico), and Eugene (Oregon). No-one is killed or injured but the computer systems and record storage areas are destroyed. "The Loyal Sons of America" and "The New Patriots" both claim responsibility. High-profile "tax resistors" are arrested by federal agents, but later released for lack of evidence to link them with the bombings.

6 AM CST Texas: A bomb shatters the windows of a Federal Reserve Bank branch in Arlington. The Spear of Allah, The Puerto Rican Freedom Fighters, The New Patriots, and The Loyal Sons of America all claim responsibility.

7 AM EST Florida: The body of a congressman is discovered in his Mercedes in the underground parking garage of a Miami hotel. His throat has been slit. Five dime bags of coke are found in his pockets and traces of cocaine are found in the seats and the trunk of the car. Later in the day a national tabloid receives a packet of photos showing the congressman snorting coke with a buxom and scantily clad young lady who is not his wife. No arrests are made in this case.

Week 1, Wednesday:

4 AM EST Michigan: A bomb explodes at a precinct house in Detroit killing 5 policemen and injuring many more. No-one claims responsibility for the bombing but within hours of the explosion 8 additional policemen are shot (execution style) in various public locations throughout the city. The "Afro-American Liberation League" claims responsibility for the bombing and the assassinations. Arrests are made, leading to widespread unrest and claims of police brutality from black community leaders.

2 AM PST California: A coastal barge transporting 1,000,000 gallons of crude oil rams into the pilings of the Port of L.A. An explosion sets the oil on fire and within an hour a significant portion of the facility is turned into ashes. The entire crew of the barge dies in the accident. Experts on the scene estimate that it will take 3 to 6 months to resume use of the second largest port in the nation.

3 AM EST Washington: 6 overpasses on the major highways leading into Philadelphia are structurally damaged by massive ammonium nitrate truck-bombs. All motor traffic into and out of the city is shunted onto secondary highways. Massive traffic snarls occur and fire, police and medical emergency vehicles find it difficult, if not impossible, to respond to calls. City officials expect the highway system to be repaired and made fully operational within 4 months. Several groups claim responsibility for the bombings. Large numbers of arrests are made, but no-one is brought to trial.

Week 1, Thursday:

3 AM EST North Dakota: A train is derailed in the middle of North Dakota by a small bomb constructed from a pound of homemade C-4. Within minutes another train is derailed in western Texas. 10 minutes after the second derailment CNN receives an anonymous call claiming that 5 other bombs are set to destroy other, unspecified rail lines. Again, multiple groups claim responsibility.

Across the nation 9 to 12 PM EST: 15 ATF agents in 5 separate states disappear on their way home from work. The next day the severed heads of the agents begin to appear in public locations such as shopping malls, bus stations, art museums, etc. When the heads start "popping up" CNN receives a call from the "Protectors of Freedom" warning that all ATF agents are marked for execution unless they publicly resign their positions within 24 hours. Dozens of arrests are made by federal agencies, but no-one is brought to trial.

Week 1, Friday:

9 AM EST NYC: Electrical service has finally been restored to the entire metro-NYC area but not before rioters, looters, and arsonists have destroyed hundreds of buildings in Harlem, Manhattan and the Bronx. 150 have died and over 2,000 remained hospitalized from injuries suffered during the looting spree. Just as the city is beginning to recover from the chaos caused by the blackout, television and radio stations and the major newspapers in NYC receive an anonymous call claiming that the metro water system has been contaminated with large quantities of diesel fuel.

Within hours the authorities confirm that 3 reservoirs which supply 75% of the daily needs of NYC are contaminated with fuel oil. Random tests within the city show that the contamination has made its way into the myriad water mains serving the city. At 6 PM EST the mayor is forced to announce to the public that the water is unsafe and only bottled water should be used for drinking and cooking. Widespread rioting breaks out as people scramble to buy bottled water at neighborhood stores.

A group calling itself the "Avengers of Mother Earth" later claims responsibility for this act and vows to destroy the evil blight of NYC and return Manhattan Island to Native Americans.

1 PM EST Massachusetts: The computer systems in Boston are attacked again. This time the hacker directs the traffic lights to signal in an erratic pattern. This swiftly produces a condition known as "grid lock" in downtown Boston.

11 PM CST Maryland: The bodies of the director of the IRS and a prostitute are discovered in a hotel room in Beltsville. Each has been shot in the head by a 22LR handgun and eviscerated. The slogan "THE 16TH MUST GO" is painted in blood on the walls of the hotel room. Several different individuals claim responsibility for the murders. Several suspects are arrested, none brought to trial.

Week 1, Saturday:

9 AM CST Maryland: Acting upon an anonymous call, police discover a congressman from Ohio dead in his posh condo in suburban Maryland. He has been viciously beaten to death. FBI investigators note that his elaborate home security system was expertly disarmed. They also find several handguns and a MAC10 in his bedroom closet. The congressman was a vocal proponent of "strict gun control" and close personal friend of Sarah Brady. Various groups and individuals claim responsibility for the act.

1 PM PST California: Within hours of the discovery of the murder of the Ohio congressman CNN News reports that a California senator who has been a strident supporter of gun control, her senior staffer, and her driver have all died in a tragic accident when their car crashed through a guard rail along Highway 1 and fell more than 100 feet into the ocean. But later in the day, an autopsy determines that the senator and the other 2 passengers were dead long before the car crashed into the sea. A day a group calling itself "The Cold Dead Fingers" contacts CNN and claims responsibility for the murders. No suspects are ever apprehended.

Week 1, Sunday:

5 AM MST Rocky Mountain states: EPA field offices in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah are destroyed by incendiary bombs at precisely 5 AM MST. At the same time EPA regional offices in Denver, Colorado are plundered and all personnel records stolen. Simultaneously the regional EPA director is abducted from his Denver suburban home. The next day his mangled corpse is found in a garbage dumpster outside a grocery store in Topeka, Kansas. Both the "Vigilantes of the Plains" and the "Mountain Men of the New West" claim responsibility for the attacks upon the EPA. Both groups vow to assassinate all EPA employees in the Rocky Mountain area.

6 AM EST Texas: 6 FBI agents, all present at the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, and their families are burned to death in their homes in the early hours of the morning. In each case arson is strongly indicated. A group named the "Posse" claims responsibility and vows to execute all FBI agents present at the Waco Massacre.

9 AM EST Illinois: An Illinois congressman and his senior aid are killed by a hit and run driver. A group calling itself "The Committee to Repeal the 16th Amendment" calls CNN News and claims responsibility for murders. Within minutes of the announcement crediting the tax activists with the murder CNN receives a call from "The Liberation Army of the People" which states that this organization is responsible for the murders. Later in the day the "Taxpayers from Hell" claim responsibility.

1 PM CST Arkansas: An IRS auditor in Little Rock is murdered in a grocery store parking lot. The head is missing from the corpse but turns up 5 days later in bus locker in Columbus, Ohio. 7 groups claim responsibility.

5 PM EST Washington: A federal judge, well known for his willingness to sign blank warrants for the ATF and the FBI, is garroted in a restroom at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts. Later in the day the Wall Street Journal receives an anonymous call from an individual calling himself "The Minute Man". The Minute Man claims responsibility for the murder of the judge and vows to kill every Federal Circuit Court Judge who has ever cooperated with federal agents to infringe the 2nd, 4th, or 5th amendment rights of the citizenry.

6 PM EST national TV news: 10 more ATF agents are officially reported missing, presumed dead. 4 different groups claim responsibility

11 PM CST Pennsylvania: A US marshal is found murdered in his Pittsburgh apartment. The murder was the most brutal so far. It appears that the marshal was alive when his testicles and penis were removed with poultry shears, put in his mouth, and his mouth sewn shut. He was then beaten to death over an extended period of time. The marshal had a record of misconduct and was recently suspended with pay while his most recent problem, the death of a 14 year-old boy under suspicious circumstances whilst in his custody, was under investigation. 4 individuals and 7 different groups claim responsibility for the murder. Multiple suspects are arrested, but no-one is brought to trial.

Now imagine what will have happened on Wall Street, in the commodity and bond markets, and in the international currency markets during this first week of the "New American Revolution." Imagine what will be going on in the inner cities. Imagine how many disgruntled citizens who have been forced into bankruptcy or jailed or abused or had their property confiscated will start thinking that it is time for them to join the party. Imagine the morale of rank and file ATF, FBI, IRS, and EPA employees. Imagine that these activities intensify during the 2nd week of the "revolution." Imagine that by the 4th week dozens of assassinations, bombings, and acts of sabotage occur each hour of the day all across the country.

All the nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, tanks, missiles, satellites and jack-booted thugs in the USA will not be able to quickly put an end to the "revolution" or keep the "sheeple" from losing faith in government officials, or prevent investors from dumping T-notes and selling stocks and buying gold to store in the vaults of Switzerland.

A few good men can take down the world's only remaining "super power" and bring America back.

"The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Thomas Jefferson

Posted: Thu Dec 11 1997