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Home Office Directive on Issuing Pistol Licences

Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police, London, HMSO 1989 ISBN 0 11 340903 6

This was in force for Policemen operating the Firearms Acts at the time period of Hamilton's Firearms Certificates and the Dunblane Massacre.

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Pp 67-68
Section 6; Firearm Certificate Procedure

Grant or Refusal
6.6  The most important duty imposed by the Act on the police is that of 
deciding whether or not a firearm certificate should be granted.  The 
criteria which chief officers of police should apply in exercising 
discretion are set out in section 27(1).  A chief officer of police must 
not grant a certificate to any person whom he has reason to believe to be:
        (a) prohibited by the Act from possessing a firearm, eg a person 
        to whom section 21 applies; or
        (b) of intemperate habits or unsound mind; or
        (c) to be for any reason unfitted to be entrusted with a firearm.
6.7  If the grant of the certificate is not so precluded, the chief 
officer of police has to satisfy himself on two points: that the applicant
        (a) has a good reason for requiring the firearm or ammunition in 
        respect of which the application is made; and
        (b) can be permitted to have the firearm or ammunition without 
        danger to the public safety or to the peace.
Forces will normally be expected to give reasons for their decision to 
refuse an application for a firearm certificate.

Posted: 1997