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Gun Law for the 21st Century

In tandem with this, repeal of Statute Laws denying the historic right to self-defence shall occur. It shall be clear that citizens are entitled to their constitutional rights and parliament shall not legislate in breach of those rights. Such rights are outlined in historic documents such as Magna Carta 1215, the Declaration of Arbroath 1320, the Bill of Rights 1688 / Claim of Right Act 1689, and as guaranteed by Article IV of the Treaty of Union of 1707, which parliament has no powers to usurp, these being the true ancient and indubitable rights of the British citizen.

Such a regime will reduce dramatically the cost of policing and defending the country. It will provide a significant measure of internal security against foreign invasion and terrorism. It will provide security of the person and property for British citizens (which the UK government has signally failed to properly provide heretofore).

I envisage the certification procedure as a transitional arrangement during a return to the situation where arms are owned, bought, sold and carried freely without government interference. After the effects of these proposals become clear, people in general will understand that a certification procedure is redundant, and unacceptable, in a country of free people.

Having the guns in the hands of the people is the only honest way for a so-called "democracy" run by and for the people to operate.

Indeed there's a case to be made that, in order to retrieve the situation, the UK should emulate the Swiss model and make gun ownership compulsory.

It's worth noting in this context that one of the first steps taken after the Treaty of Union, 1707, was to disarm the Scots.

Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.

Johnny <johnny@dvc.org.uk>

Posted: 16 Jan 2007
Revised: 18 Apr 2007