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Lords to Act on the Bill of Rights

Sadly this was not to be…

Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 22:14:29 +0100 (BST)
From: John Hurst <john.hurst@sky.com>
Subject: Bill of Rights 1689.


    I have some news from a reliable source about the Bill of Rights 1689. As you probably know, the existence and Constitutional position of the House of Lords are amongst the liberties gauranteed by the BOR. Apparently the New Labour party has announced an intention to abolish the House of Lords. A number of prominent members of the House, including Law Lords, have recently had a meeting and decided to resist the Firearms (Ammendment) Act 1997 as a means of confirming the validity of the BOR. They also mean to show that the Parliament Act 1911 is invalid and restore the ability of the Lords to veto unconstitutional laws.

    This is what we have been waiting for <g>. There was a report about this in the papers a few days ago. have you heard anything?


John Hurst

Posted: Tue May 13 1997