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Hamilton and the Masons

"I am satisfied that he was not a member of the masons"

Lord Cullen, in the Cullen Report, paragraph 5.6

I have had several e-mail messages enquiring about possible links between Hamilton and the Freemasons and whether this could explain his ability to retain his Firearms Certificate in circumstances where normally it would have been revoked. Although Hamilton's grandfather Jimmy (who raised Hamilton after his natural parents separated) has been a Freemason for more than 40 years, the Masons deny that Thomas Hamilton was ever a member.

If you do a search of the archive for The Scotsman On-line you will find several articles on this topic.

A search of Hansard will reveal details of Frank Cook MP's question in the Lower House and questions in the Lords on the issue. Submissions to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee have also touched on this issue. Readers might be interested in this webpage… Dunblane Cover-Up.

The best I personally can say is, "don't know." The importance and influence of Freemasonry on public life in Britain is coming under increasing scrutiny and is a very real concern both inside and outside Parliament. One for all you conspiracy theorists out there.

Johnny <johnny@dvc.org.uk>

Posted: Mar 1997