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Of course, the powers-that-be in the British "shooting community" wouldn't want any suggestion that Britoids should be allowed to run with scissors or anything adult like that.

It might annoy the politicians after all and they might ban handguns some more.

The so-called "shooting community" is pretty much everyone's worst enemy when it comes to gun ownership in the UK, my advice to Wayne LaPierre is to have nothing to do with the UK shooting organisations, of which the British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC) is a particularly nasty example: they are elitist, self-appointed, and firmly in the old school of "keep the guns out of the hands of the hoi polloi."

Johnny <johnny@dvc.org.uk>

Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 7:32 PM

BSSC message
All Members of Council

I, and perhaps others, have received the following email from jlyness@att.net who represents a television company with a California address, but is believed to operate in London. She is trying to put together an open meeting featuring a senior figure from the National Rifle Association of America. -

"I am producing a town hall meeting in London to discuss fire arms rights in the UK with Wayne LaPierre head of the National Rifle Association in the US. This program will be taped for American TV. If you could post this on your web sites we would really appreciate it. We are looking for an audience of about 100 people. And out of those one hundred would are looking for about ten good questions that Mr. LaPierre can answer."

The consensus amongst those with whom I have discussed this matter is that such an event is not in the interests of United Kingdom shooters and even that the last thing we could do with at the current time is help from our friends in the NRA. It is not my intention to assist in any way and I would hope that member associations might give serious consideration to whether they offer any assistance.

Steps have been taken, through international contacts, to persuade Wayne LaPierre to abandon this project.

Patrick W Johnson
British Shooting Sports Council

Posted: 24 Feb 2003