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The Bill of Rights 1689 and the Proposed Firearms Legislation

The Bill of Rights 1689 is legislation which is still in force in this country. The US Constitution was based upon it. The Bill of Rights 1689 was the first Act passed by the first Parliament after the Civil War to preserve for all time the ancient rights and liberties of the people of these islands.

"these rights consist, primarily, in the free enjoyment of personal security, of personal liberty and of private property…and lastly, to vindicate these rights when actually violated and attacked, the subjects of England are entitled, in the first place, to the regular administration and free course of justice in the courts of law; next, to the right of petitioning the King and Parliament for redress of grievances; and lastly, to the right of having and using arms for self preservation and defence."

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England.

You have arms for defence if you are prepared to fight for your country. You have arms for defence if you would defend yourself against attack by criminals. You have arms for defence if you take part in target practice as a member of a NRA or NSRA affiliated club. You, your loved ones and your dependants are entitled to have the means to defend yourselves. Threats of forfeiture of your property are illegal and void unless you have been convicted of a crime.

The Bill of Rights was intended to protect the British people from criminals and tyranny, both foreign and domestic. No Parliament may take away the Rights specified in it. That is because every Crown official and Minister swears to uphold this law in his Oath of Allegiance. It means that a Member of Parliament or other Crown official (such as members of the Police, Judiciary, Civil Service and Armed Forces) who attempts to subvert the Rights of the Subject would commit the offence of Malfeasance in Office and make themselves liable to a criminal penalty and dismissal. The Rights of the Subject are to be "esteemed, allowed, adjudged, deemed and taken to be;…all and every the Rights shall be firmly and strictly holden and observed as they are expressed in this declaration, and all officers and Ministers whatsoever shall serve their Majesties according to same in all time to come."

Your Rights can only be taken away if Members of Parliament, the Police and the Judiciary conspire against you and break their Oaths of Allegiance.

The Shooting Foundation recommends that you should inform in writing all Crown office holders whose conduct affects you that you claim your Rights and Liberties and you will hold them accountable to their Oaths of Allegiance as individuals through the Courts.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

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Posted: 1996