Sketches in the Ruins of My Mind

graphic: Sketches in the Ruins of my Mind.

Conspiracy Planet

Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Paranoia…

Or, Don't Go Out Without Your Tinfoil Hat…

Dateline: 15 January 2003
Author: Johnny <>

Although conspiracy theories or scenarios may be made up and didn't, in terms of actual physical events, really happen they can still be true descriptions of reality. An example (perhaps the most famous) would be that all-time classic, "Report From Iron Mountain On The Possibility And Desirability Of Peace." It is debated whether the report is "real" or a satire, nevertheless everything described in the report is a correct and true description of political realities - if it happens, it must be true.

A conspiracy theory may be an allegory or parable of the real situation that is a description of what has/is happened/ing and, most crucially, gives you a model by which you can accurately predict future events. In that way, the conspiracy doesn't have to be "true" to contain or describe the truth. I can draw an analogy here between Newtonian Physics and Einsteinian Physics. Both are useful descriptions of reality that allow you to do concrete things in the external phenomenal world when taking these theories as your basis. In that sense both are true. In another sense Einstein is closer to a "true" description, as in a complete description that accounts for all the available facts under all available conditions of reality, than Newton. That being said, Newtonian Physics is the most appropriate tool in most real-world engineering applications on the macro scale. And neither are true.

pic: Mind Control.

In any case belief in a non-existent thing can affect real behaviour so a conspiracy theory can be a useful tool for that purpose, nefarious or otherwise. A conspiracy theory can actually give birth to a conspiracy. Many "true" events are conspiracies: Tony Blair is in the conspiracy of Bush and his cabinet to take Iraq and take control of the oil reserves. All governments by their nature are conspiracies, we just don't call them conspiracies.

What, you may ask, is/are the Illuminati? What, I ask, is/are the International Community? Open your eyes - they are hiding in plain sight as you sleep-walk into the Slave Society.

Something not widely appreciated by the unenlightened is just how much of human consciousness is actually the result of plans and actions formulated at an unconscious level then integrated, mostly by post hoc rationalisation, into the conscious thoughts and belief systems of the person. The part manufactured belief systems can play, usefully and otherwise, in this is vast. Politicians play on this big time all the time - that's why Milosovitch and Saddam are Hitler even without having to invade Poland or even remotely resembling him at all.

You must understand that our model of reality is merely our best guess at how to impose an apparent order on the Holy Chaos of the Goddess, blessed be. We must be humble and receptive when encountering new and potentially hilarious views of reality if we are to receive the blessed endorphins.

Here's a thought for y'all. The lizard-brain limbic system is what controls our deepest urges. Reptiloid aliens are simply a metaphor for greed and venality bubbling up from the lizard brain which controls the rich elites. We conspiracy theorists talk of the Draconians and the rich elite and their New World Order - the ancient, evil, immortal, plans for world domination and subjugation of humanity - we talk of the demons that lurk within all our souls.

Here's a quote for you from me...

Get with it! It's the pattern that counts, the cause-effect matrix is just the boring detail.
- Johnny
Required study: Dwight D Eisenhower, Farewell Address, 17 January 1961
pic: OBEY.

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