A screenplay
by John Pate

Warning: contains strong language and scenes that some may find offensive.

Even I, in my hubris, didn't expect my 1991 vision of an America ruled by a fundamentalist Christian neo-fascist cult to come to pass quite so soon! A "Council of Thirteen" is now running America!

Download SACRIFICE by John Pate and let me know if you enjoy it.

A full length feature film screenplay as a PDF file formatted along the lines recommended by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (Yes, the title page has the "wrong" details - this title page version is for this webpage.)

The sequel, RESURRECTION, is "coming real soon now" (by which I mean I've got most of act one, and sundry notes and jottings). This project is conceived as a trilogy, with a third and final installment called ARMAGEDDON.

For formatting I used screenplay, "A LaTeX 2e class for Draft Screenplays" of my own devising. If you want to go that route you should read and digest "Nicholl Fellowships : Screenwriting Resources." You may want some of these paper fastener type things.

Caveat lector: I can't claim that my screenplays, presented here, are necessarily how a Draft Screenplay (spec script) should be written but I do believe this is likely how feature film screenplays should be formatted to appear professional. I do believe this to be a good attempt at how a Draft Screenplay should be written but the writing part is really up to you. Shooting Scripts will look similar but will have somewhat different content and style, don't confuse the two.

You can download my LaTeX class as Also available from the CTAN Archive, where you can go to find out about TeX.

In respect of Copyright, for those of us resident in the UK there's the British Library Voluntary Deposit scheme for material published purely in electronic format.

John Pate <>

the small print: my screenplays are made available for review and fair use purposes only and with all rights reserved.