Sketches in the Ruins of My Mind

graphic: Sketches in the Ruins of my Mind.

Aunt Jemima

Dateline: 10 August 2006
Author: Johnny <>

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 11:50:08 +0100 (BST)
From: John Pate <>
Subject: Aunt Jemima

During WW2 the OSS developed, for the purposes of sabotage operations in Nazi-occupied Europe, explosive cloth that was made into clothing. If I remember correctly this was codenamed "Aunt Jemima."

In which case, why aren't passengers made to discard their clothing and change into orange boilersuits before boarding aircraft?

John Pate <>
Edinburgh, Scotland (home PC)

My response to news reporting of extraordinarily onerous "security measures" implemented at UK airports. Tailoring clothing with integral high explosive content shouldn't prove difficult…maybe I could apply for a job as an airport bra inspector - those bras could be padded with explosives! See, Bomb Threat Posed by Pants, Belts.

In fact "Aunt Jemima" was explosive flour which could be baked into convincing-looking muffins whilst remaining almost as effective as untreated high explosive.

How long can it be before "suicide bombers" have explosives surgically implanted? Or, perhaps slightly more straightforward, simply swallow them to regurgitate them at the appropriate time. Various techniques developed for drug-smuggling surely guarantee that the authorities dictating compulsory anal probing, "for your safety," prior to your holiday can't be long away.

Or how about…

pic: Cartoon, laptop batteries and explosions.

Given the reports of numerous thefts from passengers' luggage whilst stored in so-called "secure areas," not to mention the 12 years old boy who wandered on board a plane having by-passed all the "security checks," I marvel at how joe & jane public find it in themselves to believe in this bullshit. How eager you are to become slaves.

And, after all this, the obvious place to detonate explosives to cause a lot of casualties and disrupt air travel (as if the so-called "security measures" haven't done the job already) is…whilst waiting in the long lines formed at the airport terminal as people wait at the "security checks."

People who don't understand what's really going on with the government-sponsored propaganda assault on reality are a part of the problem. Get a clue people.

"Fanaticism consists of redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim."
George Santayana
pic: OBEY.