The Way the Future Was, 2002.

Probable, with a guess at the date.

Not as soon as you think, if ever.

Possible anytime but maybe never.

These are the sort of things that would make me say, "WOAH! all bets are off now!" I'd definitely have to rewrite future history if this stuff happened. (Hmm... if I could rewrite future history it would be like David Lynch's "Dune" only with more psychotropic drugs and mass cloning of gorgeous-blue-eyed-blonde-babes.)

¹ Actually, time travel into the future is certainly on the cards but, IMHO, time travel into the past simply can't happen since the Universe doesn't work that way - time (outside of Quantum Electrodynamics) doesn't have a direction, it's a measure of the relative change in state as perceived by a (human) observer.

Will never happen.

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