The Saltire Blue: Pantone 300

The fix is finally in: the official colour endorsed by the Scottish Parliament is Pantone 300, a suitably fetching shade of sky-blue, as we British like to call it, azure.

BBC News: Flag colour is azure thing.

Scottish Parliament: Public Petitions Committee - Petition PE512.

Approximations to Pantone 300 may be:
RGB 0 144 254
pic: JPEG/Gimp attempt at RGB 0 144 254.
CMYK 100 30 0 0
Hexa-decimal #0090fe (background-color for this div)
The web already knows about "skyblue"
This div is in the HTML Colour Name "skyblue"
RGB 135 206 235
Hexa-decimal #87CEEB
Nearest web-safe colour #99CCFF
And has its own version of "azure"
This div is in the HTML Colour Name "azure"
RGB 240 255 212
Hexa-decimal #F0FFFF
Nearest web-safe colour #FFFFFF

For sure, the Saltire blue is a much lighter colour than commonly seen with most flags or most representations of flags, except for some of the well-faded versions flying around and about in Edinburgh.

Disclaimer: colour conversions are a black art - your mileage may vary!

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