Confusion 35

This day Sweetmorn the 35th day of Confusion in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171.

The Goddess Dances…

Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.

Johnny says:

And so speculation is rampant. I noted as I walked about last night that Crusties are already camping on the Meadows, eschewing the official campsite at the Kane Centre. Much amusement has been derived by the populace of my acquaintance at the thought of being forced to camp out in such a wild part of town. Apparently the local Neds have been amusing themselves by tearing down the security fencing in spite of the guard patrols and watchtowers. Not a part of town you want to be around in after dark at the best of times. In any case, today it has been tipping it down with rain - certainly not the weather for tents. You've got wonder why Gia isn't being kinder to her favourite children. Or is it just that pesky global warming thing.

Shops are being boarded up on Princes Street. All the city centre financial establishments have emergency plans and have back-up temporary office accommodation on the outskirts of town. The word is out that the St Andrews Square Jobcentre is to be trashed. Since that is largely used by backpackers and EU transients it seems an odd choice but apparently it's a tool of capitalist oppression. I'm no fan of Jobcentres but I'd have put tax offices much higher up the list. However much you earn you have to work half a year just to pay the various taxes and license fees and that seems to me a very bad deal. I haven't worked in the last four years and I still haven't claimed back in "benefits" the amount I paid in taxes in the previous four. Then again, having a full-time job and two part-time jobs was taking things too far to the other extreme.

But for now life appears to be carrying on as normal, for some definition of normal. There don't as yet appear to be an unusual number of out-of-towners floating around the streets hereabouts. I, for one, wait expectantly for out of chaos comes opportunity.

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