Confusion 37

This day Pungenday the 37th day of Confusion in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171.

The Goddess Dances…

Businesses are defined by what they own, as governments are defined by what they control.

Johnny says:

The day of the Make Poverty History March, and a jolly fine day too, so I took a walk to the Meadows. The lack of vehicular traffic on the ground would have made for quiet if it weren't for the racket put out by numerous circling helicopters.

If you believe the Filth there were 120,000 peoploids wandering around and about, if you believe Billy Bragg it was 200,000. Boy does that guy love the sound of his own voice. Obviously I was mostly interested in scoping for cute babes with large breasts in tight t-shirts, of which there were a number but clearly not enough. If this is all a dream, why can't there be more girls?

The sentiments on display were hard for even me to object to, though there was too much rampant socialism for my liking. I did manage to get into a fairly heated argument with a lame-brain on a stall. He was pushing the idea of being a "conscientious objector" to taxes for "defence" spending. However, without any kind of hypothecation of taxes. When I put to him this would, at best, purely be a book-keeping issue having no effect on so-called defence spending he agreed. The point of it seemed to be pretty much entirely to make him feel better about himself. Now I'm all for that self-esteem thing but don't take kindly to people being self-righteous about it. Well, unless it's me of course. Still, I got in a few cheap shots he had absolutely no answer for and so I enjoyed myself. Why not drop out into the black economy if you're worried about your taxes buying guns? That way they don't pay agricultural subsidies or for stealing nurses and doctors away from the third world to work in the NHS. He didn't like that idea. Always kick a man when he's down I say. I hit him with my observation that, judging from a purely objective examination of the facts, it would appear that large amounts of spending on arms leads to countries being rich rather than large amounts of spending on arms leading to countries being poor.

I guess it's the case that these middle class nitwits are so feeble-minded that they can't figure out they're part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

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