Confusion 43

This day Prickle-Prickle the 43rd day of Confusion in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171.

The Goddess Dances…

If you're in a crowd and someone makes a lot of noise encouraging everyone to look in a particular direction - hold on to your wallet, he's probably working with a pickpocket. The same principle of misdirection applies double for politics.

Johnny says:

A beautiful summer's day in Edinburgh. I took time out from wandering around in the sunshine amongst the tourists to listen to Bliar's speech from Gleneagles. He's good, damn good. The other day watching Blair in a double act next to Dubya made it clear just what a consummate performer Bliar is. Bliar's empty rhetoric promises so much and yet contains so very little. Still, maybe it's just a matter of political style - Dubya's earnest nervousness appears to play well in Amerika.

The crucial issues are in limbo as they ever were. The issue of trade has been postponed with vague promises - clearly the real political difficulties for individual leaders in their own countries with tackling trade subsidies and tariffs is just too much for the great and the good. The issue of reforming the banking system, linked of course with the graft and corruption in the trading system, was only addressed via a question from one of the audience - and got short shrift, with platitudes and lies about how "strict" British banking regulations are. Again, though made uncomfortable by a pointed question, Bliar fielded the ball with ease. If he made any substantive mention of how malaria would be tackled on the ground I missed it (Dubya long ago made promises on HIV/AIDs, so nothing new there).

The amounts of money promised, even if taken on face value by the terminally stupid, are insignificant in comparison to so-called defence spending in the UK, let alone the US.

As for Global Climate Change, or whatever the hell they're spinning it this week, it seems to have been relegated to also-ran status. Since obviously "human-induced climate change" is, in reality, a political project about global governance and imposing further trade tariffs with little relation to any feature of external phenomenal reality, I assume it fell victim to the difficulties of conflicting political agendas on trades and tariffs.

Mediawhores continue to drivel about the London bombing, no prizes for guessing I'm sick of them mentioning the Blitz. Are people really that stupid? In comparison to constant references to WW2 little or nothing has been said about the IRA bombing campaigns, so obviously a much more pertinent comparison. It appears that "The War Against Terror" (TWAT) is only to be propagandised as global war rather than the internal security issue it really is.

Naturally one wonders why the perpetrators don't programme a series of follow-on attacks. One can only conclude they are short of manpower to prosecute these attacks. Lucky for us that TWAT has so little basis in fact being in reality about propagandising the politics of fear. The numbers of actual terrorists are very small indeed - I'm damn sure the best the Filth usually manage is catching a cold so just as well.

Charles Clark the unsightly, jug-eared, Home Secretary has said ID Cards wouldn't prevent such events as the London bombings (duh!) but we're going to get the cards anyway, along with various unspecified curtailment of civil liberties. Having been informed of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act and manhandled by riot Filth in my own backyard I'm at a loss to imagine that I have any left to lose. We're all terrorists now.

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