Confusion 36

This day Boomtime the 36th day of Confusion in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171.

The Goddess Dances…

You could sell these people hookers in a vagina storm.

Johnny says:

Gia may have taken note of my chastisement - the weather has been most pleasant today. I reckon there's more rain to come yet though.

The Filth are all over the shop like a rash, on foot and in vehicles. I spotted an IRV - a car full of armed police. The Queen's Park is heavily fortified and getting anywhere near the Scottish Parliament would be a challenge. Sundry types are wandering the streets in fluorescent jackets looking official. Joiners are still doing a fine trade boarding up windows. Demonstrators are assembling and marching already. As yet, however, the streets seem fairly quiet.

Speculation is still rampant. Neither the general peoploids or the establishment seem to have any firm idea of what is to come. One thing's for sure: whatever it is the great and the good have decided for this Summit was decided months ago. All this stuff is just window-dressing.

The religion of democracy mystifies me. Do these people really think the demonstrations will change the course of international trade and realpolitik? Can they really be that stupid and so full of their own self-importance? Had they come with AKs and RPGs they might be taken seriously but fortunately for the politicians the people are clueless. Here's a hint people: follow the money. Find out where all those NGOs get their funding - and here's a clue, it ain't your subscriptions and donations… unless you count tax money as a donation.

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