Confusion 42

This day Pungenday the 42nd day of Confusion in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3171.

The Goddess Dances…

I want you to close your eyes (after you finish reading this sentence) and take a few seconds to forget everything you know - most of it is rubbish and the parts that aren't rubbish can probably be learned again pretty quickly.

Johnny says:

A walk along Princes Street at 15:00 or so and everything appeared normal. According to reports at around 18:00 Princes Street, Rose Street, and George Street had been closed for some unspecified reason but the supposition is that Filth were looking for bombs.

Filth in riot vehicles and wearing riot gear are still orbiting around in significant numbers.

I spoke to young Kevin, who like me had been at the Princes Street Festival of Full Enjoyment fracas, and he had clearly been deeply affected by the display of Police State brutality. It had evidently rocked his world to see it all in action up close and personal and then see the spin the Mediawhores put on the whole affair. And he'd only been on his way to work. Government is powerless to protect you but not powerless to punish you…

I suppose the pols can relax now the terrorist atrocity they've been promising us has come to pass. The ID Card Bill is a shoe in one expects. Tony doesn't have to worry if the G8 Summit doesn't meet the hype.

Watching the news reports, it mystifies me how after a century of "strategic bombing," MAD, and genocide by governments the pols can bleat about how evil it is target civilians and expect a thinking person to believe they're sincere. Recent evidence about Western governments sponsoring terrorists for various nefarious purposes[1] hints at the levels of deceit and cynicism that are at work in the heart of our so-called "free democracies." The fact that governmental failure to institute policies to protect the citizen, indeed prosecuting foreign policy adventures signaled by their own intelligence services as putting the country at greater risk of terrorism, rewards government with more power really depresses me.

What we need is a much reformed society: a society where defence really means defence not foreign adventurism; where there is no standing army but a broadly based militia force along the lines of Swiss situation.[2]

The British Army were already set to ramp up their activities in Afghanistan and now that will get further impetus.

Unless the British public wake up to the way of the world, things are only going to get darker. But it appears the overwhelming majority of the Great British Public are buying the British Government spin hook, line, and sinker.

[1]The Puzzling Story of NATO's Secret Armies During the Cold War: Just What Were They Up to?
…and what are they doing now?
[2] Stephen Halbrook on the Swiss Militia system
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