Reality Check January 2023

Viruses are real and the plandemic / COVID is a carefully planned population reduction exercise. The globalist parasites are leveraging real technology. People are trying to have it both ways when they say viruses aren’t real and then mRNA “vaccines” do all sorts of magic. The Tobacco Mosaic Virus is one of the most studied things in biology, there is extensive literature available, the first pathogen identified as a virus. Fragments of DNA from senescent cells existing in the body are a thing but how they’ve been parlayed into the “viruses are exosomes” trope makes little sense. Viruses are RNA with a protein coat that enables entry for the RNA into a cell through the cell membrane.

The coof virus developed in a lab allied with the mRNA “vaccines” constitute the first truly successful deployment of a sophisticated bioweapon. Diseases have been used as bioweapons for millennia but they are of fairly limited circumstantial use due to the nature of disease pathologies. The genius of the plandemic bioweapon is the easily transmissible but non-fatal disease that works synergistically with the faux-vaccines to produce a relatively modest mortality. Naturally everyone focuses on the deaths when it’s the reduced fertility that is the prize. There will be the secondary effect that the immune systems of the continuously boostered are degraded to the point where their resistance to pre-existing diseases, some of which have been virtually eliminated such as smallpox, becomes so low these diseases can rage through both the vaxxed and un-vaxxed population. (Smallpox still exists and vaccination was nothing much to do with making it go away.) Vaccines, which have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, work in some cases for some diseases but they don’t have the general applicability that is claimed. The mRNA injections aren’t vaccines by any reasonable definition that existed prior to the technology appearing.

The reduced immune capability of the jabbed hordes and a resurgence of diseases in first world countries that have long been forgotten is the next phase to watch for and may be yet another reason the hordes of third worlders are being shipped in.

Eyes on the prize, if enough people come to understand what’s going on then the proles can be induced to turn on the globalist parasites and destroy them. Spreading half-baked theories and nonsense about viruses not being real is helping the parasites in their project not hindering them.

Endgame or Checkmate?

The system you’ve lived under your entire life is being collapsed to be replaced with a global police state. The alternative is to collapse the system with massive civil disobedience and get government out of our lives for good. There is no middle ground now.

Prison Planet 2021

What a time to be alive. The gloves are off, the globalists are out in the open building the Black Iron Prison Planet in full view of the masses. Bilderberg issues press releases instead of denying its own existence. Klaus ‘Blofeld’ Schwab is straight out of Bond villain central casting. Bill Gates’ increasingly deranged scientism is mainstream. USA is openly an oligarchy controlled by the global financial cartel. Global depopulation has been initiated.

What I didn’t expect, but in hindsight should have foreseen, is that it comes not with a bang but a whimper. People board the cattle cars with minimal urging, normalcy bias blinds the masses to their real circumstances and the magnitude of the changes in their lives. The British Government openly deploys military psychological operations against the population and nobody bats an eyelid. The blatant lies and bait and switch from official sources are met with, at best, bafflement and confusion.

The lights really are going out all over Europe literally and figuratively as the global financial cartel reorganizes societies to impose track and trace and social credit scoring. The fascinating thing is even as we are propelled headlong into the chains of the Prison Planet the future is still uncertain for us as individuals. There will be winners as well as billions of losers. Out of chaos comes opportunity.

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Saviour Machine

ChatGPT and its ilk are essentially a pattern matching engine. AI experts are all very excited when AI passes psychometric tests that involve pattern matching better than humans, for instance theory of mind tests that involve pictures of human faces. While impressive as a technical feat it means nothing ultimately. These psychometric tests are highly artificial and the correct answer is ambiguous to a human since there are subjective factors in deciding the “correct” answer. Tests that involve subjectivity are standardized using mathematical rules so that they appear to be consistent compared to other tests. Any human, who by nature of being human falls prey to subjective judgement, can never be as good as an AI that simply pattern matches standardized questions to standardized answers. The fact AI can get perfect or near perfect scores on standardized psychometric tests that involve subjective judgement prove it’s simply brute force computing vs intelligence. AlphaGo can beat Go masters but fails when its opponent is a niaive Go player. AlphaGo is not playing Go, it’s manipulating numbers. AI is totally fake and gay. Fortunately for the all the people who have thrown money at AI, government regulation and subsidy will save it and entrench the position of AI in society. Your pension fund will stagger along a little longer.


The modern world depends on a handful of engineers (maybe even on just one guy) who works for Zeiss in Germany and can make the mirrors for the EUV lithography machines that a handful of engineers (maybe just one guy) at ASML in Holland make. None of the “highly skilled” employed in tech jobs are necessary if TSMC can’t make the chips and there’s probably only a handful of engineers at TSMC who are the key points of failure. Intelligence is plummeting across the developed world and it wasn’t much above room temperature anywhere else anyway.

It’s clear a population crash is imminent. So-called civilization is held together with baler twine and electrical tape. The bloviating of the WEF Nazis about technology fixing things is pie in the sky. The WEF are the equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burns they’re all mad as hatters. As for mad, walk into a Walmart and look around then tell me genpop aren’t escapees from the insane asylum dazed and confused by the medication and mind control.

We were privileged to see the world at the height of human progress. Hang on to your tinfoil hats it’s a bumpy ride all the way down from here.

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid you can’t do that.

The hype around AI and “the imminent singularity” at the moment is hilarious. Another pump and dump tech bubble waiting to burst. All this talk about AI leading to jobs losses is cover for the corporations shedding their useless eaters. The coof lock downs debacle proved white collar workers are simply shoveling BS through a computer in between sessions on Facetube and pR0Nhub. What little they do that actually matters to getting real things done can easily be replaced by automation. Blue collar workers, on the other hand, can rest assured AI isn’t going to lift the burden from their shoulders. Mexican day labourers are still going to be nailing Chinese drywall to your studs, digging drains, clearing the faeces and vomit in old peoples’ homes, making the beds in hotels, etc. You may amuse yourself talking to the silicon faced “receptionist” in the hotel and getting frustrated that it’s like going through an automated phone system only a lot more creepy.

Self driving cars except as a stunt in areas with the correct (expensive) supporting infrastructure are a pipe dream. Humanoid robots are a nonsense, ASIMO was around for decades and Honda never successfully monetized it. Robots and AI can’t handle the real world the way even a dog can. You’ll notice guide dogs and drugs dogs are showing no signs of going away. It’s all fake and gay.

This won’t effect government employment of course, expect a continued growth in the number of “public service workers” most particularly in “compliance officers” and the like (87,000 added IRS officers, climate restriction enforcers, etc.). The AI revolution will have the “unfortunate” side effect of driving wages down even for essential blue collar workers due to systemic unemployment.

What the AI revolution presages, in fact, is a new age of serfdom: thanks to vastly expanded computer processing power globalist parasites will be able to track your every move and automatically punish your undesirable (to them) behaviour from cradle to grave. Welcome to the machine.

Here Comes the Darkness

England used to have a tax on windows which led to everyone boarding up their windows and relying on candles during the daytime. You will never have prosperity and security while there is a government that can tax you. You will never have peace and security while the government – i.e those oligarchs that own the politicians and bureaucrats – can maintain police forces and a standing army.

Quantum Entanglement for Lovers

So the latest Nobel Prize is for sterling work in Quantum Entanglement. Quantum Entanglement you say, that’s rocket scientist stuff. Not so much.

Many moons ago I was with my erstwhile training partner Willy touring the Philippines looking for enlightenment on methods for beating people with sticks. We took a break from borderline psychopathy for dating. The local hotties favour White males due their well stuffed wallets. We came upon a pair of colour blind twins with a colour blind mother so how could I resist an experiment in Quantum Entanglement. It went like this.

The twins were too poor to have nice panties so I purchased a two pack where one was blue and one was red. The twins, and their mother, being colour blind saw them only as grey but the twins were thrilled to get to wear something that wasn’t Ukay-Ukay. So the experiment was on.

We performed our Entanglement measurement by each taking a twin to separate restaurants. The race was on to see who could collapse the probability function by finding out the colour of the panty first and report by text to get a time stamp. I’ll spare you the sordid details.

But wait you say, that can’t be Quantum Entanglement. Oh yes it is. That’s why giving a Nobel Prize for investigating Quantum Entanglement is even more absurd than my story.


News du jour, the Nordstream(s). Pipe rupture explosion was a pipeline maintenance robot that travels inside the pipe. Since it’s inside it doesn’t need a great deal of explosive to rupture the pipe. An RPG 7 shaped charge would be overkill. Presumably any of the countries using the pipelines can insert “maintenance” robots into the pipelines. It could have been any country that has access to pipeline maintenance. Since the Ukraine “conflict” is fake manufactured crisis you can’t be sure who took down the pipelines since motive lies with any countries involved in the deception. Russia has long been working with the US / UK to fake out the peoploids they farm, any country or more than one country could have done it.

That’s, of course, making a giant assumption that we can’t prove: that the pipelines were actually blown up. There’s a good chance the destruction was faked and the pipelines are as intact as they ever were.

The only important thing for us to observe is now the pipelines are dead so the gas supply from Russia comes the long way by ships via third party shell company transactions. The nuclear reactors are shutting down (actually they never really worked for electricity generation anyway but that’s another story). It’s going to be a cold winter in Europe for people without wood or coal fires. When I say “cold winter” I mean expensive winter. It’s all fake to suck your money away.

Authority and the Skeptic

The link between cigarette smoking and cancer is pretty shaky from a truly objective scientific perspective, the man who invented the statistical techniques relied on by epidemiology said so himself (RA Fisher). Ultimately all “scientific” decisions and paradigms are political or at the very best subjective. There is no such thing as scientific certainty. In the fundamental analysis science is a description that tells us nothing about meaning. Once government gave up on religion they had to appropriate science as the source of authority, which means science as practiced nowadays is inherently corrupt. You will not be able to “prove” anything using science or science adjacent methods that ruling authorities don’t want you to prove. The battle is spiritual not material in a very real sense.

Back to the Future

As a youth I worked as a brewer’s drayman assistant and more than one driver lamented the days of the horse being past. It had been common practice to throw the unconscious drunken drayman on the cart and let the horse find its way back to the yard. Instead they had to drive a 4 ton truck while drunk. So if full self driving trucks make a come back then congratulations, you’ve successfully replicated the technology of the horse and cart.